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Until Tomorrow

The new Pushing 30 album is here!

Have a listen to a sample track! 


Pushing 30 (Until Tomorrow)

Love the song, then buy the album in our store!

Until Tomorrow

Salft Lake City (Pushing30)

The Band

"They say that opposites attract"

Jonny Craddock and Ruth Harris met and found love in Las Vegas, Nevada almost nine years ago. Although they seemed complete opposites they soon found they shared a similar passion for music. With this little lady and a lot of luck the two were married a year and a half later. Over the years the couple merged their individual talents to create a musical chemistry that is truly unique. Jonny brings over twenty years of experience performing and writing Rock n' Roll music to the table. While Ruth an artist and writer adds blues inspired melodies and creative lyrics to the mix. Together they are Pushing30. 

Pushing30 is:

Ruth Craddock .............Vocals, Background Vocals, Lyrics.

Jonny Craddock ...........Vocals, Background Vocals, Lyrics, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard/Piano, Drums and Percussion.